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Mini-Toolbox is a collection of all Mini-Tools .NET components in one convenient package.

* Includes one year priority support Subscription, all major and minor product updates, and all new Mini-Tools .NET components introduced during your Subscription.

* Mini-Toolbox includes Mini-Comm, an interprocess communications (IPC) component. Share text & data between processes running on the same computer. Ensure only one instance of your application is running at a time.

* Mini-Input is a keyboard and mouse input component. Monitor keyboard and mouse input on a global, application, form and control level. Suppress select events. Send keyboard and mouse input to any open window.

* Mini-XMenus is an Explorer menu component that adds custom items to the Windows Explorer context Menu, supports custom fonts, colors & images. Or draw your own menu items with full OwnerDraw support.

* Includes thorough MSDN-style documentation and sample programs that demonstrate the component with no programming required.

* Includes sample programs that demonstrate the component with no programming required. Also includes sample source code in C# and VB.NET to help you get started quickly.

* Written in 100% managed C# code. Original source code is available for purchase at an additional charge.

* Mini-Toolbox supports .NET v2.0 and v1.1. Development projects for Visual Studio 2005 and 2003 are included.

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